How to write an essay in 3 hours

An essay is a critical text about a specific discussion or a scientific issue. In this sense, the essay is discursive, in the sense that it shows the author’s positioning and thoughts about the issue in question.

To this end, the essay, albeit with a clear positioning, seems to be formally and clearly formulated in order to clearly explain the thoughts and arguments of the author. Reflections must be made rationally and seriously. The way to create such articulations is more flexible than in other genres, but the severity and organization are fundamental, as well as the intellectual commitment and maturity of the author of the essay.

Because it defends a point of view, an essay, like an article, or a dissertation, and a thesis, does not require the broad inclusion of theoretical references of support or evidence and empirical evidence for each argument. Obviously, the text must be reasonable in its argument, in the sense that it offers plausible reflections on what science has already demonstrated in this area, and therefore cannot be chaotic or accidental. In this sense, it is said that an essay is a genre that allows a definite transition between cultural, literary, didactic and non-didactic, scientific and philosophical.

Any essay has its own structure, regardless of the topic, scope or method of writing. Any essay consists of three parts, which smoothly flow into each other. Using this scheme, you can understand how to write an essay in 3 hours. The scheme is as follows: introduction, main part, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are those parts of the essay that can be called the frame of any work. These pieces create a beautiful and interesting shape, with which you can submit your thoughts and studies in an unusual light.

In the introduction, it is customary to write an essay topic and a few words about what will be discussed in the main part. The success of any essay depends on the quality of the introductory part. Therefore, it is extremely important in a few sentences to interest the reader and force him to read further. The introduction should not take up too much space. As a rule, it is about 10 percent of the entire text.

In the main part, you present all the information that relates to your research. It is important to follow the structure and logic of presentation. All paragraphs must be related by meaning. To simplify your task, plan the main part of the essay in advance. Write the title of the essay on a separate piece of paper, and think about what questions you would like to ask about this topic. Write these questions in a logical sequence. See if you missed something important. Such a plan will help you write a structured and logical essay. Using this plan, write the main part. Do not forget to indicate the sources of information that you used, especially if it is the work of other researchers.

In conclusion, say a few words about your work. The conclusion should also not take up more than 10 percent of the entire essay. Write briefly, only the most important information.

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